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Second Chance Grace


Second chance grace

Tired of the stigma? We can help!

About the program

Participants are initially screened for attitude and motivation.  The individual must want to change their life and be willing to donate their time to various agencies.  If you have gang or drug related tattoos, or visible tattoos (face, neck, hands) that inhibit your chances of becoming employed or being productive members of society. 

 You must be working or going to school and/or must enroll in a job readiness or vocational program.  If you are on supervision parole/probation you must be in compliance.  MUST BE GANG FREE!  If you are arrested or get another tattoo, you will be terminated from the program.  Please note that most tattoos require more than one session.

Under age 18: You will be screened and a scholarship may be available

18 & up: Cost will be discussed on the day of the interview

About the founder of Second Chance grace- Peter Vasquez

In 2006, Peter started Second Chance Grace Inc, a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization, which strives to give hope to At-Risk Youth and Young Adults. Our client based programs include mentoring, gang prevention, intervention and exit assistance, tattoo removal program, drug/alcohol/gang counseling, re-entry support and individual case management.  Our community based programs included school assemblies with follow up classes and parent trainings which we have found is needed to show the understandings of consequences, staff training and workshops, town meetings and outreaches.  In the past S.C.G has partnered with Idaho Department of Education, Safe and Drug Free Schools to bring our important message into schools. We are based in the Boise Idaho area but our programs and services are state wide. After spending many years in prison, Vasquez is now dedicating his life to helping others find Hope, and a Second Chance. He has a powerful message about choices, consequences, drugs, violence and gangs. As a former gang member his first hand knowledge gives him an amazing ability to touch the hearts and open the eyes of troubled youth and young adults.



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